Sherbet NFTs can give you casino revenue share. With wagering you can get $SHBT tokens as well


A membership program designed to drastically improve the experience of owning a Sherbet NFT. Owning and staking a Sherbet NFT gives you:

Monthly Revenue share from sherbet profit

A single Serbet NFT is enough to receive a profit share. The more NFTs you have, the higher the share you can get.

The amount of the share depends on the turnover of the casino, the winnings of the given month, and the number of players. In addition, in the long term and considering the growth of the casino, buying a couple of NFTs can be very rewarding.

In the longer term, it is also worth paying attention to the specialness and uniqueness of NFTs. The rarer an NFT is, the more it can be worth in the future.

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Whether you play with a small amount or high-roller or rakeback matters a lot. Each Sherbet NFT increases the rakeback amount by a given percentage, but only one can be active. The rakeback increase does not stack.

The special numbers of the NFT you set as your profile picture will apply to your gamling sessions. It is a good idea to set that NFT what brings you the most.

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